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About Us

Rapids Suds and Dry is like no other laundry mat around! We offer state of the art coinless washer and dryers so that your clothes come out clean and fresh.

We use a system called the Easy Card that lets you put money onto a card so that you don't have to carry around all those coins. We offer a Smoke Free environment for customers and also have free wireless internet for our customers to use while they are waiting.

How do we Save you MONEY?

WE SAVE YOU MONEY with our front load washers that use less soap, less water and clean better and faster. Our washers spin at high speeds and our dryers heat up quickly so your clothes dry rapidly.

We offer 3 sizes of front load washers to accommodate your needs:

1. Double (2 regular loads) - These double loaders are economical & save you money by doubling your space so you will use less loads.

2. Triple (3 regular loads) - The triple loaders hold 3 loads of clothes, blankets, small quilts or bedspreads. These are great for slighly bigger items to wash or use them to fit all of your clothes in so you only have to do 1 load.

3. Mega loader - These washers can handle large loads of clothing, blankets, quilts, bedspreads or sleeping bags. These are great for larger items that can't normally fit into regular sized washers.